Home Selling Process by Eric Gerard Realty Part 2

Home Selling Process by Eric Gerard Realty Part 2

Welcome back! Or if you only just finished the first part of this blog post, welcome to Part 2 of our home selling process blog. In the previous part we mentioned the importance conducting a market analysis as this help us to determine the actual value of the property and helps to set a selling price. We also pointed out on the significance of home preparation and staging as this provides an aesthetic appreciation of the house. Lastly, we spoke about the process involved in marketing and showings.
So, in the part of this blog, we will cover the second part of the home selling process which involves offers and negotiation, contracts, and paperwork as well as closing.

Offers and Negotiation

After we have priced your house and we start getting offers we will definitely communicate with you all the way just to keep you on track of all the offers from potential buyers. We will also assist you in negotiating with the potentials buyer so as to reduce the stress of having to negotiate for the closing price with the buyer. Our goal is to ensure that we are able to guide both parties to an agreeable price.

Contract and Paperwork

One of our duties is to make sure that you as our client have understood the contract and all the necessary paperwork regarding the sell of your property. We will ensure that we have thoroughly explained it you and that you have fully understood all the terms.


A closing fulfills the sales contract between a buyer and a seller. This means that both parties (buyer and seller) have met all contractual obligations and the necessary steps involving closing a house have been observed.
The home selling process can be stressful. Many people think of it as an emotional roller coaster. You can avoid this by making engaging one of our agents and we will be glad to take through all the step until we have reached the closing.
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